The Brand


Who we are                   

Viessmann is a family business and we have been environmental pioneers and technological trendsetters for 100 years.

Enthusiasm for new technologies and entrepreneurial spirit are part of our DNA.


What defines us? 

For decades, Viessmann has been delivering low-pollution, energy efficient heating systems for oil and gas as well as solar systems, wood-fired systems and heat pumps. Many of Viessmann’s developments and innovations are regarded as milestones in heating technology, while the company has always placed particular emphasis on responsibility and sustainability.

However, Hans Viessmann realised that supplying the best product is not enough. A company needs a clear brand identity to become successful.

He decided to cooperate with the constructivist Anton Stankowski in order to give the Viessmann brand a consistent look.

Back in the 1960s, Stankowski already understood that simplicity is the key to success. His timeless style is still relevant and is embodied in this Brand Guideline.


Where are we going? 

We think and act for the long term but are able to adapt quickly and flexibly.

Our world is ever-changing - not just the climate, but also societies, cultures and markets.

The energy revolution and digitization are the biggest challenges that the industry and our company have ever faced but they also offer great opportunities.

This unique climate of innovation will continue in the future as the fourth generation enters the company.

The changes we need to make, however, will also require a shift in our corporate culture.

Essential parts of this culture are the values shared by our employees, our new vision and our new mission statement.